Weddings far more often take place in fall season. There’s one really big reason for this: the colour. There are many colours which are impossible to achieve at any other season, mainly at specific hours where the atmosphere is magic. With that in mind, Autumn gives a special touch to your event.

Likewise, flower arrangements, rugs, candles, cushions… can do wonders in your ceremony. Therefore, if you consider yourselves as a not conventional couple, with a personality all of your own and who likes kind of bohemian style we suggest you to give it a special touch avoiding falling into stereotypes.

Our goal is that the event venue looks and feels almost perfect. In this way, only a wise choice of the property, catering, each single detail and a careful staging will ensure the optimum possible outcome.

Lately, there has been a move towards a mixture of colours and materials in both glassware and flatware with hints of gold. Finally, wooden tables are taking a big role in most of the events.

Without a doubt, a wonderful moment to say “Yes, I do”.